Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let the Foolishness Begin!

Hello, Fools,

I've got a tentative batting order for Foolish Words 2008, based on your preferences and a semi-random hurling of names a dart board. You will each be allowed three days to complete your 400-word installment. I didn't include dates because if you hand yours in early I'll pass it immediately on to the next person; that will allow a little extra time for johnny-come-latelies to join in.

Speaking of johnny-come-latelies... 18 of you have proudly signed up to do your Foolish duty. I've included a few extra names on the mailing list as a sort of peer pressure. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it!

Okay, here's the list:

1) Ryan Cassavaugh
2) Marjorie Smith
3) Keith Suta
4) Sid Gustafson
5) Joseph Menicucci, Jr.
6) Liz Allen
7) Craig Kenworthy
8) Bob Hendricks
9) Alison Grey
10) Brian Kassar
11) Michele Corriel
12) Soren Kisiel
13) Sally King
14) Kate Howe
15) Jonathan Gans
16) Rebecca Kinman
17) Katie Goodman
18) Ray Sikorski

Playwright Ryan Cassavaugh has already started us off - thanks, Ryan! - and currently the tome-to-be is in the able hands of Chronicle columnist Marjorie Smith, who is the only writer to participate in every Foolish Words since its inception five years ago.

Oh! Please include a 25-words-or-less bio with you submission. I'm hoping to have a nice program this year.

UPDATE: Peer pressure pays off! Freelance writer/Broad Comedienne Shayna Gibson has signed on. I'll put her somewhere in the middle.

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