Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Foolish Update

Hello, Fools,

Can you hear it? Can you smell it? Can you taste it? Yes, it's a story metastasizing, right here in our town. After experiencing pixels propelled by Ryan Cassavaugh and Marjorie Smith, Foolish Words 2008 is now is the highly caffeinated hands of KGLT Coffee Show co-host Keith Suta.

Those film strips in high school were right: peer pressure is a dangerous, formidable force. Thanks to it, three newcomers have been sucked in to the Foolish Words vortex: writer/actress Shayna Gibson, playwright Stephanie Saline, and Outside Bozeman editor Mike England. That means a record-shattering 21 participants for this year's Foolish Words, which should make for a jolly good evening at the Leaf and Bean on April 1. The moderately augmented batting order is below.

In not so great news, Foolish Words will not be published as an ongoing serial in the Tributary this year. Being a monthly, readers apparently have a hard time remembering what wild plot twists and characters came the month before. Which may be a valid point; thanks to Tributary editor Corinne Garcia for having it in there at all. Personally, I always considered publication in the Tributary to be the icing on the cake - and cake is still delicious without the icing!

In much better news, Leaf & Bean proprietor Kate Wiggins has confirmed our spot in the schedule for Tuesday, April 1st, at 7:30 p.m. Please plan to arrive at around 7:10; several writers won't be able to make the reading, so we'll have to arrange who will read others' parts.

Be it known that due to our mightiness and noble April Fool's Day quest, Wiggins has agreed to put the Bean's normal Tuesday night stage-dwellers, the Bluegrass Jam, on a hillbilly hiatus for the evening. The stage is ours - thank you, Kate and banjo-wielders!

In other news, I'm writing this to you from room 225A of the Emerson Cultural Center. Due to something I refer to as the "Broom Closet Residency," of which I am the first recipient, I'll be working here for the next several months. As such, it is also now the official headquarters of Foolish Words. So pop by and say hi!

Here's the new batting order:

1) Ryan Cassavaugh
2) Marjorie Smith
3) Keith Suta (Fool of the Moment!)
4) Sid Gustafson
5) Joseph Menicucci, Jr.
6) Liz Allen
7) Criag Kenworthy
8) Bob Hendricks
9) Alison Grey
10) Brian Kassar
11) Michele Corriel
12) Soren Kisiel
13) Sally King
14) Kate Howe
15) Mike England
16) Jonathan Gans
17) Shayna Gibson
18) Rebecca Kinman
19) Katie Goodman
20) Stephanie Saline
21) Ray Sikorski

Okay, now, back to work.


UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Mike Finkel and Holly Zadra have joined our ranks!

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