Monday, March 10, 2008

Who da Fool?

Hi, Fools,

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the big reading, which will take place Tuesday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m. at the Leaf and Bean on Main St. Please get there around 7:10 so we can figure out who's there and who's not, and arrange substitute readers. I'm thinking we ought to carry over to the Cannery after all is said and done to trade war stories.

Here's the 25-word bios of the Fools who have contributed so far (I know writers aren't supposed to be good with numbers; "25" seems to be one that's trickier than most):

Ryan Cassavaugh is a founding member of improv comedy juggernaut Equinox Comedy DeathMatch, erstwhile writer/performer for TV sketch comedy show “The Pizza Show,” stand-up comic, puppeteer, and writer of four award-winning plays, including “Last Kings of America,” which won best script and audience favorite at the 2008 Equinox One-Act Festival.

Marjorie Smith writes for several publications and acts in local theatre and film projects. She is also a musician, if being a member of the MSU gamelan and the Awesome Polka Babes counts.

Keith "That Jeopardy! Guy" Suta is co-host of KGLT-FM's The Coffee Show and is gainlessly employed as a writer. "Dead Noon," a movie he co-wrote and appears in, will be distributed later this year by Lionsgate Entertainment to video stores worldwide.

Sid Gustafson is a novelist, pacifist, and word bum. He teaches equine studies at the University of Montana Western in Dillon (High Horse University), but writes in Bozeman, where his mind wanders freely.

Holly Zadra writes and edits for the Tributary, but she brings in the big bucks finagling fiscal sustainability for the non-profit sector in Bozeman.

Joseph Menicucci Jr. waxes poetic about our national pastime at He is currently an instructor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Montana State University-Bozeman.

Liz Allen is a therapeutic massage therapist who spends a substantial amount of time rock hounding in the mountains with her dog Tigger, telemark skiing, and writing poetry and short stories.

Craig Kenworthy writes the 30 Second Timeout column for the Chronicle. His radio play ‘Hurf” won a Silver Charles Ogle Award in 2007. He still can’t believe he lost to that Bradbury guy.

Bob Hendricks was born in Frankfurt Germany in the waning days of the Eisenhower administration and moved back to the USA when he was ten months old. While he has no memory of Germany, he does retain a fondness for BMW motorcycles and dark Bavarian beer, and he credits both for the occasional inspiration to write a one-act play.

Alison Grey is a Bozeman native who has spent much of her adult life trying to avoid the real world, a semi-successful pursuit. When she isn’t skiing, eating French fries or wasting away her youth in local dive bars, she is a writer who prefers the ridiculous and socially unacceptable to the boring and mundane and is attracted to hot men in snow pants.

Brian Kassar has lived in Bozeman for 8 years and been active in the arts community as an actor, singer, writer and director. His scripts have won an Audience Choice award and 2 Best Production awards in the last three Equinox Theatre One-Act Play festivals.

Michele Corriel is a freelance writer working with about a dozen regional and national magazines. But perhaps she is even less well-known for her invention of the Poetry Dispensers that keep popping up around town (and around the West). She is currently working on her third (or is it her sixth?) novel for young readers.

Mike Finkel is currently producing offspring at a disconcertingly rapid pace.

Soren Kisiel is and award-winning playwright, the Executive Director of the Equinox Theatre Company and the founder of Spontaneous Combustibles Improv Comedy Troupe. He and his wife Katie Goodman are the authors of the hit raunchy-feminist theater project, Broad Comedy, which completed a three month run at a commercial theater in Boston, and is currently showcasing as guest performers in New York City, including Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway.

After paying her New York dues, King lives in Bridger Canyon and writes about food, wine, travel and design for Big Sky Journal, Western Art and Architecture, Wine Review Online, Wine Enthusiast, More, and other publications and websites.

Jonathan Gans lives with horses and over the ridge from Bridger Bowl in Brackett Creek country. He writes poetry, teaches kids, talks to his dogs and has loved the same woman for 31 years. His recent book 49 Poems: Where Are You Leading Me Now? was published in 2005.

Great job, Fools! We seem to be more or less on schedule. Here's what it looks like:

1) Ryan Cassavaugh
2) Marjorie Smith
3) Keith Suta
4) Sid Gustafson
5) Holly Zadra
6) Joseph Menicucci, Jr.
7) Liz Allen
8) Craig Kenworthy
9) Bob Hendricks
10) Alison Grey
11) Brian Kassar
12) Michele Corriel
13) Mike Finkel
14) Soren Kisiel
15) Sally King
16) Jonathan Gans
17) Kate Howe (WE ARE HERE)
18) Mike England
19) Shayna Gibson
20) Rebecca Kinman
21) Stephanie Saline
22) Ray Sikorski

Don't forget - April 1st!

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