Monday, April 2, 2007

Rebecca Kinman

Rebecca A. Kinman is a spoken-word artist, herbalist and blossoming freelance writer who continuously celebrates and seriously concentrates on holistic, authentic endeavors that create positive change for all.

"Take the garbage out and unclog the bathroom drain."

Irwin felt a moment of remorse for allowing his mother to live in the PVC pipe tree-house outside. He also regretted connecting the two houses with a swinging bridge. To Irwin's further dismay, he found that the lizard's swimming pool, cappuccino machine and hair-rollers had yet to be used, and the Pangolin herself, Sweet Banana Tail II, had vanished once again.

Irwin paced the house, calling her name to the melody of Rain Drops Falling on My head, but then jumped into his hot pink helicopter and searched Peete's Hill and Beyond for his Precious Darling.

In the meantime, Still Bottled Water read Irwin's proposal, jumped from the bed of nails that he was meditating nude upon, and emailed an excited "YES" back to Irwin, exclaiming that this was just the type of production he had wanted to be a part of.

Irwin stopped searching for his Precious Darling for just a moment to call Virginia with the latest news.

"Irwin, that's great but you KNOW how those scaly things always take off whenever you mention my name,” said Virginia, rolling her eyes. This reminded Virginia of the time that Irwin had tried to take her to the Bistro wearing a polka-dotted boa and cat-eye glasses. The pet at the time was so jealous that she skipped town immediately and was found three days later singing karaoke at the Owl in Livingston.

The current situation wasn't all that different. This pet was one pissed Pangolin. Sweet Banana Tail II was fed up with Irwin's lack of decency to forget their twelfth anniversary (in Pangolin years).

She scurried west on 1-90, sensing that somewhere — in that direction — she would somehow come closer to achieving her dream. She didn't need Irwin any longer, she had her strength and her trusty book entitled "From The Cage to the Red Carpet: How to Succeed as an Exotic Pet Actress". She confidently ran down the highway as semi-trucks and multicolored Hummers with ski racks wailed past her.

But just then, snow began to flitter down around her double-jointed ankles and soon, she was covered in two feet of slush. She gradually moved slower and slower down the Interstate until she came to a complete, cold-blooded stop, right next to the NASCAR track in Belgrade.

Hours passed. But then, even though Sweet Banana Tail II was almost completely frozen, she managed to spot a large mass in the distance slowly approaching.


Sam Louden said...

This is where the pangolin saga takes an insurmountable turn into reptilian self-identity. The ant-eater is shown to be literate and so, educated enough to know a little about her heritage. So one might think. So much for that. However, carried on the back of the creature (perhaps under a scale) is the hope of a return to Butte and the musical thereof, or is it therein? Alas, neither as the metabolism of the tropical, if not truly cold-blooded beast, bogs down in the merciless weather of Montana before she can make it to the shining city in the hill.
Incidentally, it is something of a tradition to have semi-sentient quasi-animals in a Foolish Words story. The first was when I tried to convert a dog into a man who was always mistaken for a dog. The second was the straight forward talking, and patiently polite Bear. Last year only had talking people so I was glad to have a semi-realized anthropo-beast.
The twist of the ten words being from Mom rather than from the mystery woman whom I imagined must have been Virginia, made for an unexpected and delightful surprise, and another character.

Ray Sikorski said...

The shining city IN the hill?
Is there more to Butte than I realized?

Sam Louden said...

I averaged the volume of buildings and structures on the surface and under the surface of the hill and came up with a negative figure. There for Butte is as much in the Hill as on it.

RebeccaRose said...

I'd like to see documentation of that....