Thursday, February 22, 2007

Foolish Words 2007 schedule

Here's the order for Foolish Words 2007. It looks like everyone should get about three or four days to slam out their bit. Currently (as of Thursday, Feb. 22) Heidi Lasher is working on her segment.

Sam Louden
Liz McRae
Heidi Lasher
Craig Kenworthy
Rebecca Kinman
Sid Gustafson
Mike Finkel
Marjorie Smith
Mike England
Michele Corriel
Ryan Cassavaugh
Keith Suta
Randy Glynn
Soren Kisiel
Katie Goodman
Ray Sikorski

Let us know how badly we spelled your name.

Something else we want to do is make an introduction of the scribblers to the audience. Please e-mail to Sam Louden ( or Ray Sikorski ( a one sentence biography that can
be read aloud before the main reading.

To further help audience members to know who-the-what-the-heck-is-going-on, the compiled bios will be printed as sort of a program. If we do not know who exactly you are by March 31, we will just make something up.

Note: Once again, the Tributary will be publishing Foolish Words over the course of the summer (and maybe into the fall, seeing as we have quite a lot of participants!).

Have questions or comments? Post 'em below! We'll see if we can address them.

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